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L'agenda du Lot
Marché à Prayssac - Vendredi matin - Vendredi matin - PRAYSSAC
Festival National des Vieilles Mécaniques de Montcléra - du 29/07/2017 au 30/07/2017 - MONTCLERA
Marché des Producteurs et Barbecue de Montcléra - 02/08/2017 - MONTCLERA

Brocantes - Vides grenier
Brocante et Vide-Greniers - 07/05/2017 - PUY-L'EVEQUE
Vide-Greniers - 02/07/2017 - PRAYSSAC
Brocante et Vide-Greniers - 29/07/2017 - PUY-L'EVEQUE

Concert Unda Maris - 18/08/2017 - MAUROUX
Festival International de Guitare : Soirée Duos - 18/07/2017 - PUY-L'EVEQUE
Festival International de Guitare : Soirée Argentine - 21/07/2017 - PUY-L'EVEQUE

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Aire Naturelle Valenthèze
Présentation :

Notre camping est situé dans une vallée pittoresque traversée par la petite rivière Thèze. Nous vous offrons 21 emplacements individuels, chacun d’une surface de 200m², tentes de luxe (de location) et gîtes.

The Lot (Quercy) was formed ca. 250 million years ago from the depositions of sediments coming from the sea. The limestone plateaux of Fate (a.o. Causse de Limogne, Quercy Blanc and the Causse de Gramat) are about 300 à 400 meters above sea level, except at those spots where the river water has carved deep gorges in the chalky ground. The Lot is located in the area “Le Quercy” also known as “La terre des merveilles” (the wondrous Earth) . In the East lies the Ségala, a rough and mountainous area with many canyons and overgrown with oaks, pine- and chestnut trees. Further west lies the Limargue, a narrow strip with clay and calcareous soil. This hilly fertile small area is covered with a coulisse landscape. In the West of the Lot lies the very wooded, hilly Bouriane, a transitional area between the limestone plateaus and the Périgord Noir with chestnut and many summer oaks. Southwest of Cahors you will find the causes: a hilly landscape with large chalk plateaus, the Quercy Blanc. The ‘ causses ‘ are rich with caves, underground rivers and deep wells.

Les activités :
We compose arrangements in consultation of your ideas en wishes. This is possible for a sport association / event but also for familie-reunion, group of friends, weddings etc. A number of arrangements has been already outlined, an example of this is the photograph week. This year offer we for the first time arrangements for cyclists whom want to be in training. This spring we will also be offering French lesson, more information on this will be available soon. Please contact us if you are interested. We are happy to answer any questions or make you a specified offer!
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